by NightVermin

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"Internecine" is Dublin-based Black Metal band NightVermin's first demo. Fast and melodic Black Metal in the tradition of the genre-defining works of the 1990's.


released April 30, 2019

All music written and performed by NightVermin.
Mixed and Mastered by Diogo C at LC Studios.


all rights reserved



NightVermin Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Primeval Wails
"The human condition is essentially absurd; we grow only in order to die"

In my perpetual search for the truth of I
Mindful, I trudge through these valleys
Like a soaring condor I seek my treasure:
The prophetic visions of entities unknown

I hear the pulse of all the sounds of the universe

In this gallery of infinite dimensions
The boundaries of matter flow in ghostly waves
Every voice whose counsel I sought speaks at once
With every utterance a wave of light and color

Untold wisdom dispensed through primitive parables
The language of nature reveals the secrets behind words
The interwoven plot of the fate of any and all things,
Contained in all that exists and understood by none

From the primeval wails I heard the song of everlasting fire (2x)

My heart tainted black with malicious spite
Now hungers for unyielding retribution
These verses cannot be taught, cannot be learned
Credo quia absurdum

"My madness and my fear
have wide dead eyes
and the steady gaze of fever”
Track Name: Acrid
For all my brethren
All I have is cold steel
I seek no communion
They have nothing for me

All that I desire is absolute isolation

My muscles twitch nervously
In the presence of their young
Insatiable blistering hatred
My gut churns with disgust

I seek shelter in these mountains
Alas I am cursed
I cannot escape

My body is broken and tired
The life of it fighting to evade

I offer blood - mine and naught
To sow the seeds of a new age

I take great pleasure in my death
But my purpose is not yet fulfilled

So that in the vastness of the void
Only the cries of a dying god will be heard

The unstoppable engine of time
The shapeless antagonist of life
A monument to the futility of purpose
God mocks us at every tick of the clock
Track Name: My Grave, a Monument of Pain
Drunk with ire
Red-tinted vision
Beastly irrational hatred
The venom that feeds me

The demons have spoken
The verdict is total death

Visions of utmost terror
Populate my nightmares
Unpolished Satanic wrath
Adversarial, antagonistic

The demons have spoken
Weaponized absurdist bloodlust

The fire of my passion

The mask has fallen
The meek cower in shame
May the true heirs of this world arise

To atone for my sins
I will bleed the rats dry

My final resting place
Will be a site of infamy
Desecrated, vandalized
The poisonous cycle continues

My grave, a monument of pain

Memory will prove to be a curse
Another shameful chapter
In the history of men

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